Publications and Exhibitions

Publications and Exhibitions2018-02-07T23:55:40+00:00
The Times UK, UVIVF, January 2017
Tout Compendre, UVIVF, March 2017
 Dutch daily de Volkskrant, UVIVF, March 2017
 Le Monde de Ados No. 381, UVIVF, March 2017
 Cosinus Mag No. 195, UVIVF, August 2017
 Science Donga, UVIVF, October 2017
 NPCI Cover All. Vol. 2, UVIVF, November 2017


Sierra Madre Art Walk, Infrared, December 2013
Vroman’s Art On The Stairwell, Infrared, July 2014
STEAM Machines Innovation Fair, UVIVF, March 2017