The Photographer

I am a 29 year-old photographer based in Southern California.

I have been practicing photography since 2010, teaching myself through a combination of practice, online resources, and an academic background including physics.

With respect to my portfolio, I am an eclectic photographer.

The Photography

The closest genre in which I come closest to specializing is alternative-light photography. I have special interest in photographing infrared, ultraviolet, and ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence.

Among conventional-light fields of photography, I favor macro, landscape, and urban scenes.

Being a co-owner of a small manufacturing business, I also have experience creating product photos for sales and marketing purposes. Working alone and with other photographers, I have covered events including competetive music festivals, weddings and engagement photos.

The Equipment

My equipment revolves around the Sony A-mount platform. I use a variety of cameras including the A99, A65 (full-spectrum modified), and a pair of elderly A100s which comprise my sparingly-used stereographic pair.

I have a large collection of lenses, many of which are taken from the heyday of film photography. Favoring manual focus in conjunction with the Sony SLT bodies, quite a few lenses I often use are entirely manual but do not lack in performance despite that.

I use a Vanguard AltaPro carbon fiber tripod when needed, valued for its extraordinary features and modularity.